Tinder + Instagram: A Match Made In Heaven

Tinder, the popular smartphone-based matchmaking app, rolled out some new features in the last few days, mostly linking Tinder profiles with other social media pages. The intended goal is to help users get more connected, of course. Tinder President Sean Rad said, “If we can provide our users with more relevant information for each connection, we can take them halfway there in terms of getting a conversation going.”

As far as we knew, that was never a problem for Tinder users (there’s some explicit language here)….

The primary change is the connection of users’ profiles to their Instagram accounts. The new feature will display your last few dozen Instagram images within your Tinder profile, with the ability to visit your profile on Instagram with just a tap of the screen. Though we haven’t done enough research to be sure, we think this feature makes Tinder the first service of its kind that allows you to assess potential partners based strictly on diet and coffee shop culture.

The update will also include more Facebook information – previously Tinder would show common “interests” (i.e. the pages you’ve “liked” on Facebook, a barometer for relationship success if ever there was one), you will now be able to see all the pages a user liked. This, while no less superficial, is at least a more complete profile as far as social media is concerned. Really, the interesting part is that you can now see mutual Facebook friends through the Tinder app – this could help you avoid some seriously awkward situations, and gives you an extra way to deem someone worthy of your time (they’re friends with those guys? Ugh, left-swipe). The Instagram connection is the one in all the headlines, but these changes honestly seem way more important.

These changes will be applied to all versions of Tinder, so don’t worry, free users. You may not be able to take back that unfortunate left-swipe that haunts you late at night, but now it won’t take Tinder Plus fill the hole in your heart from that love that died before it had a chance to blossom.

Author: Tim Larsen

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