Why Snapchat Should Be Part of Your Brand


By now just about everyone has seen someone take an awkward photo of themselves in public and think, “Why?” Social media and millennials are the perfect mixture. Businesses probably already utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to either promote or provide newsworthy updates to their following, however, a majority probably haven’t had the time to take advantage of Snapchat. Snapchat provides its own hidden gems that other social networks cannot do, which is why it should definitely be considered when expanding your brand image.


What is Snapchat?


Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the most popular used apps right now, with its unprecedented amount of funding it receives, Snapchat is constantly being updated and improving its craft. At the moment it sets itself apart from other social media platforms in several unique ways:

  • Snapchat provides raw, exclusive content.
  • Nothing can be archived
  • Able to have time elapsed video and photo sharing
  • Allows for creativity to blossom. For example, Geo Filters and doodling.
  • Secret QR Code feature for adding friends (Also, allows selfies to be the “Snapchat Ghost” in the QR Code. Use your logo if you are a business) Here is mine featuring me drinking coffee this morning.

Snapchat Selfie Ghost QR Code

Imagine how many users are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right now, people seem to ignore the fact that Snapchat is right up there with them in the ranks of not only popularity but amount of users as well. Companies unknowingly have a huge amount of potential to reach their following and promote their image with Snapchat.


Reach the Younger Demographic


Without a doubt Snapchat is dominated by millennials. In fact, according to an article by CNET, research firm ComScore discovered that 18-24 aged users make up 45% of all Snapchat users. Almost doubling the percentage for any other social network, for that age group. There is no question if the younger market is in your business niche, definitely have a swipe at utilizing Snapchat. Think about this, there really hasn’t been a concrete way to market yourself with Snapchat, the opportunities are endless.

Considering Snapchat has not been around for not even half a decade, it still is viewed as trendy by many. Businesses who have Snapchat, will appeal much more with the younger generation. Today’s youth perceive those who have the app as cool.

TIP: Take a screenshot of your QR Code and promote it on other social media platforms to gain your following. Your loyal followers will definitely add the account.


Special Sales and Discounts


Probably the most popular way to use Snapchat from a business perspective is to offer discounts to your customers. Since the app only allows for posts to be up for 24 hours, followers will know there is a limited time to take action. Also, it gives them a little extra motivation to stay updated on the latest from any business.


Coverage of Events


Is your company doing something exciting? In my opinion, Snapchat’s best feature is being able to provide live, authentic action of whatever is going on. Whether your employees are doing community service or there is a special unveiling, there is a bit of a connection that one feels when viewing a Snapchat. The more you engage with your following, the greater chance of connecting with them.


Previewing the Future


Hinting at upcoming products or events going on can surely spark interests from your following. Generate a buzz by providing a behind the scenes take on how that product or event is being built. For example, take one snapchat everyday for a certain amount of days and on the final day, expose the final product. Followers will enjoy the fact that they were able to see it exclusively from a different angle before the product or event went live.


Use the Text Bar and Doodling Feature


Yes, this app pretty much forces you to be creative on the spot. Use your imagination and make the most of being able to use words and emojis in your photos and videos. It is like having your own notepad but having all your drawings disappear. (Unless you save them of course). Make your own memes or hold contests for having the best doodle. Snapchat is what you make it, make the most of it but most importantly have fun with it.


TIP: Use an iPad or tablet to use Snapchat to its full capabilities since they have larger screens, it allows for better photos and drawings.


Take a look at how some brands have utilized Snapchat for their company.

Taco Bell were one of the pioneers of Snapchat Marketing, they didn’t disappoint with this campaign.

Other brands have picked up the Snapchat market pretty well. Here are 5 from last year.

Personally being a Snapchat user for almost 4 years now, it has improved remarkably and I only see it continuing to succeed. Off the top of my head, I probably have 3 or 4 businesses on my friends list. It will be interesting to see how and if it will continue to cater for businesses in the future.


Snapchat may not be able to provide analytics or a way to measure campaign success, but as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram become more traditional, it may not be a bad idea to have a swipe at Snapchat. Companies should definitely consider Snapchat, step aside from those traditional platforms once in awhile and integrate in a fresh form of social media into your promotional or brand strategy.


Author: David Torres

He is a content marketing intern for B2 Interactive a digital marketing agency in Omaha, NE. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Sports Management from Hastings College in Nebraska. FUN FACT: Futbol Aficionado For more information, contact @david.torres@b2interactive.com

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