Yahoo! Gets A Facelift

What’s exactly does a logo do? Does it bring customers to your website? Does it create a sense of happiness in you? Does it separate you from the others out there? To answer all of these very simply: yes. A logo is a defining marker of a company and brand. It is the only way to keep your self different from other people and to make sure that when people talk about you, they talk about you alone. Customers become more at ease the longer you have a single look, and when it gets changed, things start to fall apart. Fortunately or unfortunately, Yahoo! is beginning to run into this “problem”.

For 30 days, Yahoo!’s CEO Marissa Mayer put together 30 different variations of the famous Yahoo! logo, all in anticipation of one being chosen. It seemed that when the whole 30 days of changing logos began, fans of the popular news and search engine site were OK with what was going on.

There had been grumblings of a new logo to come, but nothing more. It was just going to be 30 days of Mayer playing around with the logo all to just drive traffic to the site, right? We were all, very, very wrong.

Response for the logo has come back to Yahoo! and it hasn’t been as promising as Mayer, and the company as a whole, was hoping for. In this Mashable story, they show a graph that portrays how people felt when shown the new and old logos. Of all participants, only 21% liked the updated logo with an almost horrifying 79% opposing it.

Yahoo!'s new logo via Yahoo!

Yahoo!’s new logo via Yahoo!

For Mayer, who was brought in last year to rejuvenate the company, this will be seen as her first “misstep”, at least in the eyes of those outside the company.

Mayer knows that the only way for Yahoo! to survive is by adapting to changing times, and by coming from Google, she knows that better than anyone. This could very easily be just another “Facebook Newsfeed” redesign. NO ONE, especially consumers, like large scale changes to websites that they have been going to since the Internet started. For Yahoo!, the first major change to their logo in almost 18 years is bound to come with a little bit of hesitation.

That’s not to say that things won’t get better, though. Especially with all of the buyouts that Mayer has completed in her first year at the helm of Yahoo!. This is only the next step.

Here’s a look at the video Yahoo! put out on how they put together the new logo.


Author: Colin Ball

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