New Android Operating System Gives You A ‘Break’

KitKatAndroid_689As a staple of everyone’s Halloween diet, KitKats are one of the most popular candy bars in the world. That is why you may be surprised to learn that KitKat at is the name of the new Google Android operating system, Android 4.4. With over 1 billion users, this will be a welcome update that is promised to improve the user experience for Android owners. Here is what you can expect from the upcoming update.

A Better Looking User-Interface

It is no coincidence that Apple’s iOS7 design has people making comparisons to Android’s design. Android has a great look and has improved upon it with the update. You will most likely see a new color scheme and improved notifications. Expect that the interface will stay clean and streamlined as that is what it is known for.

Android Update Will Apply To More Phones

Android has run into the same issue many times when releasing new operating systems – that their hardware will not support the operating systems. This makes the updates obsolete for most users. Hopefully in the future, the software will become more streamlined and usable for more phone owners.

A Look Towards The Future

Mimicking Apple’s affordability cue, with Android 4.4 there is an expectation that cheaper phones will be made available. The software will be available to the entry-level devices and not just the most expensive. It is also rumored that KitKat will be optimized for wearable devices like smartwatches, a rising trend in the tech industry. Android 4.4 is supposed to have new abilities like a step detector and step counter.

Remote Control

Say goodbye to trying to find that pesky remote control in the cushions and change the channels with your phone instead. Developers will be able to make apps that control your television and more with the use of infrared signals.  I don’t know about you but I am always with my phone when I sit down to watch a show, so this is a welcome update.

Are you excited for this update? How do you think it will stack up against  Apple’s iOS7?

Author: Jessa Diebel

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