Google Brings Pac-Man to Your Neighborhood

On a day when others are playing tired practical jokes, posting fake stories, and generally making it more annoying to go about your daily life, Google decided to give us something new and completely awesome instead: Pac-Man. What’s so new and awesome about a game that came out over thirty years ago, you ask? You play it on a map of your neighborhood. Or a map of any place in the world.

That’s right. In one of the best April Fool’s Day “pranks” of all time, Google created a feature for their map service that transforms whatever area you choose into a Pac-Man level. If you’re anything like us, right now you’re probably trying to think of the most ridiculously convoluted interchanges you have to deal with in your city. Indeed, depending on the location you pick, the game has hilariously absurd and complicated results. You can pick some pretty aesthetically-pleasing spots too, or if you’re lazy, the Midwest offers a lot of grids.

If you’re on a mobile device, your options for playing the game are a bit limited – you can only play the game in a handful of places. Google added an extra twist for these players though: a list of clues corresponding to the various maps available for mobile play.

As wonderful as all this is, it seems no good thing comes without a catch: Google says this feature “will only be around for a little while.” While we can hardly bear the thought of a world-travelling Pac-Man being taken away from us, it seems that’s inevitable. So here’s what you need to do right now: head on over to Google Maps, type in a location, click the Pac-Man icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and GO.

Our advice: watch out for the ghosts!

Author: Tim Larsen

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