7 Ways to Grow with Self-Education

If a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it from him. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin


Self-Education: It is something invaluable and we all take it for granted from time to time. I truly believe you have to be motivated by an ultimate goal in order to sustain consistent personal growth. Find that goal and instill everyday in your head, how can I become a better person, mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.?

Many think that they aren’t in school anymore or they become so comfortable with where they are, that they believe they have reached a ceiling. Anyhow, that is not the case, knowledge can be attained outside of a classroom. Some even find that they flourish much more this way, compared to a classroom setting. Self-education can come in many ways whether it is in school, internet, books or your own experience. I highly encourage everyone to find a way to make self-education a good habit, the following are ways I have tested my limits or ideas I plan on doing in the future.


7 Ways to Grow with Self-Education


Stay In

Sometimes you need that every once in awhile. I think a majority of people go through a phase where they go out every week and do things they regret in the morning. I believe it is called “college”. It is so crucial that you know when to leave that phase, if you don’t I like to call those people professional partiers. Some professional partiers can thrive and achieve many things and I applaud those because it is extremely difficult for me. Everybody is different, that is the special thing about this. There is so much information out there to learn. To clarify, I am not telling you not to go out anymore because you might meet some of the coolest people by doing so or have the best memories if you hadn’t. Nonetheless, you’ll find the next morning you feel good about yourself and ready to take on whatever is in store for that day.


Attempt to Learn a Language

Download Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, whatever language learning software it is, before you know you will find yourself addicted to it, if you truly are committed to learning another language. Even if you just learn a few words or sentences it is better than nothing. You never know when you can spark up a conversation with a foreigner or even connect with somebody by simply saying one or two words in something other than English. Do what ever it takes, heck go to your local taco shop for a few weeks and dive into a new culture.


Read anything in your Niche

  • Take the time to read everything possible, nowadays there are expert blogs for just about any topic.
  • Magazines are great for those who don’t have the patience to read a whole book.
  • Another idea is to ask a friend or post something on your social media platform about a recommendation for a book to read. I’ll recommend my book later in this article if you are interested.


Discover a new physical activity

Self-education can be really exhilarating too, and sometimes it doesn’t have to be mental either. Self-education can be physical, my advice is to learn a new physical activity. Whether it is golfing, running, yoga, crossfit, boxing, swimming. There are so many different examples, I get so much inner satisfaction after doing physical movement and it reflects emotionally as well as spiritually. It is 100% true when people say exercise is the best stress reliever.



I thought I would try to capture my lazy audience. Sorry, I have a bad habit of calling those who watch Netflix lazy. A crazy amount of people are Netflix users, but little do they know that there are some great learning videos in its database. For example, awesome shows like TED Talks that offer real-life presentations of people who offer insights for success in life and business. There are other worthwhile documentaries and shows to take advantage on Netflix, all it takes is a little bit of searching. I apologize to those who use Netflix, I am guilty of watching Instructions Not Included last week.


News Outlets

This is small but I think it is so vital to stay current and know the trends of today’s society. Do this by having CNN or a news channel on while at work, gym, etc. Social media plays a monumental key nowadays, it is used everyday by a majority of those who have internet service. Use Twitter, Instagram or any platform to follow influential accounts who puts out valuable news. Every industry is growing and changing everyday, it is important to stay up to date, know the trends or else your skills will become obsolete.


Internet Resources

Anyone can research just about anything and learn whatever they can, how to do this, how to do that. However, while that is nice. I highly urge people to find resources that are applicable to one’s industry or passion. My examples are below.

Self Education Portfolio

All photos via Flickr.com


Self-Education is a life-long process and the best part about it, is that a majority of it is free. It is up to us to grab the torch and run away with as much information as possible. I hope self-education keeps growing within me and everyone else who believes it in, it truly builds that inner satisfaction within you. As I said before, this world seems to be moving at a fast pace, don’t forget to invest in your most precious asset: Yourself.

When I was a younger kid, barely learning about money in grade school. I was always curious and had one question: Why did Benjamin Franklin get to be on the biggest bill on our currency? Now I know why.

Author: David Torres

He is a content marketing intern for B2 Interactive a digital marketing agency in Omaha, NE. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Sports Management from Hastings College in Nebraska. FUN FACT: Futbol Aficionado For more information, contact @david.torres@b2interactive.com

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