Snapchat’s Back, All Right

It’s not like it ever disappeared, but we thoroughly enjoy pop cultural references (#TBT to the Backstreet Boys glory days) and felt it was fitting. Anyways, Snapchat came out with some new updates earlier this week and they are as follows:

Friend Emojis

Friend emojis replace Snapchat’s Best Friends list. The new feature categorizes your Snapchat friendships with emoticons so you both know where you stand in your snapship.

Here’s how Buzzfeed broke it down for us:

Buzzfeed Explains Snapchat's Friend Emojis. Image Source: Screen grab from Buzzfeed's Snapchat

Buzzfeed Explains Snapchat’s Friend Emojis. Image Source: Screen grab from Buzzfeed’s Snapchat

For those of you who need more information on how these emojis are defining your snapships, please turn your attention to this example of Snapchat’s new system, using the one and only Queen Bey. Also, major props to Josh Constine from TechCrunch for explaining this new concept to us via his Snapchat Story (you’re the real MVP) and bringing this graphic into our lives.

Beyonce Explains Snapchat Emojis. Image Source: Tech Crunch

Beyonce Explains Snapchat Emojis. Image Source: Tech Crunch

The new friend emojis come at a somewhat controversial time for the app users. The Best Friends lists, that you had no option to hide, caused a recent controversy among the pre-teen and teenage demographic when Snapchat removed it. How are you supposed to know if “bae”* is loyal if you can’t check up on who he/she is snapchatting?

*It causes me physical pain to use that word. MAKE IT STOP, WORLD.

Well, Snapchat removed the feature a couple of weeks ago, only to come out with this alternative method of ranking and defining your Snapchat relationship. Only now you are the only person who can see the emojis on your incoming snap screen. Looks like users are back to the drawing board when it comes to cyberstalking friends on Snapchat.

Low-Light Camera

Another new feature for Snapchat is the low-light camera. Snapchat’s camera had subpar lighting abilities for dark resolution pictures compared to other apps using cameras. The crescent moon icon at the top of your camera screen fixes that problem. You can turn it on or off to adjust for the dim lighting by brightening the resolution, making Snapchat more usable for concerts, parties, and other night-life adventures. Please snap responsibly.

jimmy fallon justin timberlake dancing GIF

GIF Source: Hulu The Perfect GIF site

Needs Love List

This is a list of snapchat users and friends that you used to snapchat frequently, but haven’t snapped in a while. Snapchat created a list of your friends that need some love from you because the cats just aren’t cutting it these days.

once upon a time hugging GIF

GIF Source: Hulu The Perfect GIF site.

All in all, we think Snapchats new features are going to bring some changes to how users go about Snapchatting. I for one am making it a new personal goal to keep my fire emojis blazing day in and day out. We’ll see how long the streak can last.


Update: This post was edited at 2:40 p.m. CST to correct the spelling of Josh Constine’s last name. 

Author: Lauren Dries

Lauren is a Journalism student at Creighton University in Omaha, Neb. She's fascinated by the continually developing tech industry and has an unhealthy appreciation for pop-cultural references.

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