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Being a recent college grad, I did my fair share of job searching. It went something like this: I would log onto LinkedIn, or a another job listing site, then, after a few clicks and filling out a couple of application questions, I was finished. By the time I finished the application, I could easily tell if I was qualified for the position or not. However, was I a right fit for with the company? I wouldn’t know until a couple of weeks after starting my job. But, what if it were possible to know beforehand?

Once dubbed as the love child between eHarmony and LinkedIn, Good.Co provides users who are employed, unemployed, or soon to be employed a chance to establish their strengths, what type of employee they are, as well as where they will fit best in certain companies and more. Eventually, Good.Co helps answer my question, “Am I a right fit for this company?”

Good.Co was founded in 2012 but has only been around in the mobile app realm for almost a year now. Overall, Good.Co has an awesome user experience. It is very easy to move through the app. After signing up with LinkedIn, Google+, or Facebook, it knows all of your basic information and the rest is just a swipe of the screen.

Here are three ways you can use Good.Co for:

Deeper insights into your work personality

There are a total of 16 archetypes which are designed by professional psychologists, including Kerry Schofield. After finishing an 18-question personality quiz, you are assigned with three of those archetypes that best suit you. You quickly discover other things that are incredibly accurate about yourself, insinuating that this is pretty legit. Once you figure out your archetype, Good.Co offers career tips and ways to communicate based on your style. Below are the type of insights Good.Co offers:

Good.Co Typical ProfileLists of Archetypes on Good.Co










Archetype description on Good.Co

Which companies fit you best

See how well you match up with various companies! As of right now Good.Co is still in its early stages and only have mid-size to larger companies in their database. However, it is still interesting to see how your results matchup with company cultures. For example, it would not be a bad idea to try my luck with a company like Starbucks.

Companies on Good.CoFitscore on Good.Co



How well you fit with coworkers

A unique feature on this app is being able to see how well you would fit in with a future or current co-worker. Match two people and see whether or not you would mesh well together. As long as you are Google+ or Facebook friends you are able to quiz anyone.

Good.Co co-worker quiz


Ultimately, Good.Co’s mission is to create happier employees, thus producing a much more enjoyable work environment and experience. Workplace happiness is a key factor why a huge percentage of Americans are disengaged, lose productivity or even quit a job. Good.Co wants to be able to say they have revamped this area and curated it.

Author: David Torres

He is a content marketing intern for B2 Interactive a digital marketing agency in Omaha, NE. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Sports Management from Hastings College in Nebraska. FUN FACT: Futbol Aficionado For more information, contact

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