Personalized Google Maps?!

Google Maps is going to know more about you than, well, you do.

It is perhaps one of the most used services offered on the internet.  Google Maps allows users to search for directions, look what’s nearby, and creep on their neighbors from space.

Now they hope to add a new level of customization, making your experience even better.  With the use of personal data they collected, Google Maps will be able to provide users original, customized, maps.

Google Maps mobile app icon. Via Apple iTunes (screenshot)

Google Maps mobile app icon. Via Apple iTunes (screenshot)

The customization will come in the form of recommendations to; restaurants you may enjoy, places you will find interesting, the scores to the sports around your area, and anything thing else that they believe you will find interesting.

You might wonder, where do they get this information?

It is from your searches, items you have reviewed and even what your friends like.  They use it all to give you the best, most personalized, experience.

Bernhard Seefeld, product management director for Google Maps, has high hopes for the future.  At GigaOm‘s conference on Tuesday, November 5, he said that they “can build a whole new map for every context and every person,” and that it will be “a specific map nobody has seen before, and it’s just there for that moment to visualize data.

For example, if you were really into seeing America’s National Parks, and were on a vacation near one that you did not know about, Google Maps would be able to provide you directions to it without you having to search for it.  Pretty crazy huh?

The change will not be immediate and will probably take a few years to get perfected.  Right now they are working on better software to be able to understand the surroundings around peoples’ searches.

Will you embrace this new level of customization, and use its capabilities to enhance your experience.  Or, do you feel violated and believe that this is just pushing it too far?




Author: Mitchell Ohnstad

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