LinkedIn For Mobile Gets A New Feature

The amount of time we spend online has become an incredible number that more than likely outweighs the amount of time spent reading a book. The internet isn’t all bad though. With the growth of the Internet, the ability to find and land jobs has increased with the amount of users, and a lot of this increase can be attributed to the popular job finding site, LinkedIn. As people who use the popular site know, LinkedIn can be used as an online résumé for companies to use when you apply for a job or just for companies to find and perhaps contact you if they like what they saw.

The site released all the way back in 2003, but didn’t begin to gain notoriety until 2008-2009 when the rise in social media sites began to grow. The online version grew and the mobile app was born along with that. Like most sites though, the mobile app has always been a little bit behind in terms of updates and look, but today marks another step up for LinkedIn’s mobile app. You now have the ability to apply for job postings, instead of just being able to save a search, just as you can do on the full desktop site.

This update gives people who may be looking through LinkedIn while in the car with friends, out to lunch or if they are just sitting around the house on the hunt for a new job the opportunity to do so quickly. People aren’t always around their computer, but more often than not, are around their phone. By having the ability to apply for a job from your smartphone, you speed up the process of job hunting. This is especially true when you are doing so from LinkedIn alone. Instead of having to bounce around from job posting site to job posting site, LinkedIn has made it easier for job seekers to find what they are looking for in one simple place.

The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to have your résumé on file either. Since it is already in the LinkedIn system on your profile page, just hitting “apply” will automatically link your public site to the companies job posting. For many, this may seem as though the job of “job hunting” itself is becoming a thing of the past, but you can’t get a job, without first putting yourself out there. LinkedIn is merely acting as a middle man, in lieu of a physical job application.

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