A Look At What’s New With Mavericks

Computer users have recently been swamped with updates, whether you are a Mac or PC user. After Microsoft released Windows 8.1, a software update to their recently released Windows 8, for free, Apple responded. Mavericks adds new apps, improves Safari and increases organization and security. Read for more of the best features to check out.

Mavericks was released on Tuesday and for the first time, the update was free rather than sold for $19.99. Just because it was free doesn’t mean the update isn’t filled with premium features that many avid users are fans of. The changes may seem slight to some, but according to Apple, more than 200 features have been added.

Tim CookSome users favorite mobile apps from Apple have been added to Mavericks. These apps are iBooks and Maps as well as a much-improved Calendar app. The iBooks app is meant to rival Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook and is still behind in the amount of books available. This is sure to change and improve over time, though.

Safari has also improved with a faster speed and a new look that is in line with the recent iOS7 update. The new version of Safari now has better capabilities to show HTML5 sites, which may make it more of a front-runner in the competitive browser market.

Maybe one of the best organizational features that Mavericks has added is Finder Tabs. It is easy to open about five different Finder windows everyday while working on your computer and that makes for a cluttered desktop. Now, you can create a tab to keep all of your finder windows in one window.

Mavericks has also added Tags to help organize your files. The principle is the same as tags you use to organize your photos. With Tags, you can make a text description for a file as well as add a color to it.  The color tags will be on the left side of your Finder window for easy access. Between the new Finder Tabs and Tags, organizing is much easier now with Mavericks!

If you are a fan of having two screens, it is time to download Mavericks. There is increased multiple display support, which makes it easier to manage the screens. To mimic Windows 8.1, which boasted about being able to use task bars on more than one screen, Apple also added that feature. Mavericks also improves the use of a television as a second screen if it is set up with HDTVs connected with Apple TV.

The Calendar app has been updated and has become more intuitive. It easily allows you to search for addresses in appointments, set reminders and integrates easily with Maps to make sure you never get lost. Like most of the new features, Calendars takes its design cues from the new iOS7 mobile update.

To deal with the insane amount of passwords we all have, Apple has added the iCloud Keychain, which gives you an easy way to secure your passwords that works on all Macs and iOS devices. The goal is to be able to keep all of your devices secure with one password, as well as credit card numbers and Wi-Fi logins. The convenience of this new feature is hard to beat.

What are your thoughts on these new features? Are they too slight for you or will they make your life much easier?

Author: Jessa Diebel

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