Meet Shuddle, the Third Parent

Shuddle is a new startup company who is breaking into the transportation industry, but for kids. Yes, you heard it right. Kids! It is crazy to think a couple years ago parents would hire their local nanny or babysitter to give their own kids rides to soccer games, school, a friends house, etc. Nowadays, with parents being so busy there is a growing niche that startups can cater to.

A niche that lets their kids be driven by total strangers but it allows for kids to order up a ride whenever they want. However, parents must approve the request and are able to get notifications whenever a child reaches the destination and see where exactly the car is while on its route to the desired destination all on the app. Shuddle gives kids freedom like never before while parents still feel responsible as well since they have to accept their kids request.

You might be wondering, who is Shuddle targeting? Well, they haven’t publicly said but I would imagine kids who know how to use a smartphone, which nowadays is any kid who can talk and walk. Considering Shuddle’s Instagram it looks like we might have a clue who exactly their target market might be.

Take a look at the Shuddle app it has glowing features and appears to run very smoothly for all parties. The following is a basic 5 step process on how Shuddle works:

How to use Shuddle

Basic steps to using Shuddle. All photos courtesy of

Shuddle charges a monthly fee of $9 to subscribe. Parents pay by having a card on the app and the price of a ride is based on mileage and time. An estimation is given when a ride is requested, which is neat for the parents that way they aren’t paying an unexpected fee.

In an article by Ingrid Lunden at TechCrunch, Ingrid describes how Shuddle recently acquired newly backed investments from a combination of venture capitalists and angel investors earlier this year, it will be interesting to see what Shuddle does in the foreseeable future. For now, all we can do is wait to see how far Shuddle goes with this project.

Shuddle has been operating in Silicon Valley in the Bay Area since October but has yet to expand and venture to other locations.  I think it has loads of potential to succeed; hopefully it can make its way to Omaha by the time I am in my 40’s with kids. People have kids that age right?

Author: David Torres

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