Sonar Treadmill: The Personalized Running Machine

Walking into the gym is like entering a whole new world. There are the serious gym rats who spend hours lifting weights (hopefully not forgetting their legs), the ones who try not to mess up their hair while exercising so they can take selfies, and the ones who don’t really know what they’re doing.

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Whichever gym body you are, entering this new world immediately makes you question yourself.

“Should I go on the elliptical or bike today? Or maybe run the track? But I’d like to stay up to date on current events, so maybe the treadmill, so I can see the TV. But the treadmill – ugh it’s so bad to run on and what if I fly off the end?”

Not anymore, my friends. Not any more.

Researchers at Ohio State have just designed a new treadmill that aims to make running more natural. Their new treadmill has a sonar device attached to the back of the treadmill that is aimed at the runner’s back. This sonar keeps track of the runner’s distance along the running belt, increasing speed when they get closer to the front of the treadmills, and reducing speed when they get closer to the back. This automatic increase and decrease of speed allows the runner to simply run at their own pace as if outside.

Steven T. Devor, an associate professor of kinesiology at Ohio State and one of the developers of the new treadmill, said that the sonar is so accurate that an elite runner could break into a fast sprint and still not hit the front of the treadmill. “It is all seamless and the runner doesn’t even know it’s happening.”

Automatic speed isn’t the only good part. Another benefit was discovered when testing runners on the treadmill. They found with endurance runners that their maximal oxygen consumption (V02) scores improved, meaning that their levels of oxygen usage increased. These scores are vital in testing endurance and heart rate, and help make training more effective.

The prototype for this awesome new sonar treadmill is near completion and will soon be ready for commercial releases.

What does this mean for us? Well, now running on a treadmill won’t be such a stressful ordeal, and there will be no risk of flying off the end.

Author: Daiva Jarasius

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